Who We Are And What We Do:
For Example

The weekend is coming and you want to enjoy the weather and the beautiful water in Sarasota.  You’re a Veteran or even someone in the community or you are just visiting.  You want a new surfboard to use this weekend.  You want to support a local Veteran or a Veteran owned business.  Where can you go to find a local Veteran business?  Before 941 VETS, you couldn’t, maybe ask around, Facebook, etc.  Now just go to 941VETS.com (941, is our local area code), go to Veteran Owned Business, and search for surfboards!  There you have it!  

As Veterans, we are often thanked for our service, and I was honored to serve.  Now you cannot only thank us but you can support us by buying from a local veteran.  If you’re getting a haircut, need a plumber, or a new air conditioning system, go to 941VETS.com.  This brings awareness, growth, and success to all Veterans in the 941!  These are our three pillars, this is our mission.  What starts here, what starts with you, what starts with me, it starts in 941, will change the world.  Thank you for your service and your support of our 941 Veterans.

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